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Other Publications


Arab Barometer Project-          Principal Investigator: (with Mark Tessler)

Best Dataset in the field of Comparative Politics: Lijphart/Przeworski/Verba Dataset Award (2010)

Funded: Middle East Partnership Initiative. Survey Data collected in (First Wave 2005)  Funded by MEPI

(Second Wave 2010): Funded UNDP Arab World, IDRC, and USIP

(Third Wave 2013): Funded UNDP Arab World, and IDRC

Muslims in New York              Principal Investigator “Mosques, Civic Engagement, and Political Incorporation of American Muslims.” Funded by the Muslims in New York Project at Columbia University. This projects surveys Muslims in Brooklyn, New York. (2003)

Detroit Arab American Study  Co-Principal Investigator: Detroit Arab American Study. Co-Principal Investigator on a companion research project to the Detroit Area Study for 2002 (Institute of Social Research, the University of Michigan, Ann Arbor).  This project surveys Arab Americans in the Detroit Metro Area. (2003)

 Pew Research Center-             Senior Project Advisor: (Religion in Public Life: American Muslim Project—Study consists of a National survey of the Muslim American population and surveys and focus groups in four cities: New York, Detroit, Chicago, Los Angeles. ). Summer 2006-Summer 2007. See: (2006)

Luce Project-                           Co-PI: Religion, Conflict and Political Development. (2008-2011) Princeton Institute for International and Regional Studies.

Pew Research Center-              Senior Project Advisor (Religion in Public Life: Islam in the World) (2010-2012)

TESS: List Experiment-            “Perceptions of Islam, Migration, and Citizenship in the United States: A list Experiment.” With Mat Creighton (Spring 2010)

Field Experiment                     “The Consequences of International Support for Gender Quotas in Jordan: A Field Experiment” With Sarah Bush. (Summer 2010)

Who Votes Islamism:               Why Islamism? With Tarek Masoud and Elizabeth Nugent (Summer 2012)

Votes and Gender:                   How Salient is the Gender Gap in the Arab World? With Lindsay Benstead and Ellen Lust


“The Anatomy of Protest in Egypt and Tunisia,” Foreign Policy. April 15, 2013. (with Mark Beissinger and Kevin Mazur)

“Egypt: What Comes Next?” The Monkey Cage. July 2, 2013. (with Liz Nugent).

“Mohammad Mursi’s Dangerous Gamble and the Withering of Democracy in Egypt?” The Monkey Cage. September, 13, 2012.

“President Obama: Here is Your ‘Game Changer’” Foreign Policy. Jan 29, 2011. (with Tarek Masoud and Ellen Lust)

“Background Paper on Democratic Governance and Women’s Rights in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)” The International Development Research Centre (IDRC) and the Women’s Rights and Citizenship (WRC) Program. April 2010.

Consultant: National Study of Undergraduate Teaching in Palestine. Summer 2009. AmidEast/USAID.

“Arab States: Has the United States Poisoned Democracy?” Carnegie Arab Reform Bulletin. October, 2008. (With Mark Tessler)

“A Tweaked View of Muslim Americans.” Islamic Horizons. November/December 2007 (with Farid Senzai).

“Cosmetic Steps Forward and Substantive Steps Back: Democratic Reform in the Arab World.  UNDP: 6th International Conference on New and Restored Democracies, Doha, Qatar, October 2006.

“What the Palestinian Elections Really Signify?” United States Institute of Peace: Muslim World Initiative, Jan 2005.

(Book Review). “Arab Nationalism: From Triumph to Despair” Political Science Quarterly. Summer, 2004.

Preliminary Findings from the Detroit Arab American Study, Summer 2004 (with Wayne Baker, Sally Howell, Ann Lin, Andrew Shryock, Ron Stockton and Mark Tessler).

SSRC Working Paper: Arab and Muslim Americans post 9-11, Summer, 2004.

SSRC Working Paper:  Homeland Security and our Nation’s Social Capital (with Steve Heydemann), Summer, 2004.

“From Active Resistance to Democratic Missionaries? Palestinian  Local Elites” Palestine Report-Jerusalem Media and Communications Center.  May, 2000.

(Book Review) “Islamic Politics in Palestine. International Journal of Middle East Studies. (August, 2001).

(Book Review) “Bint Arab: Arab and Arab American Women in the United States.” Middle East Women’s Studies Review. (Spring 1998.)

What I think: Amaney Jamal

Professor Jamal teaches topics including politics of the Middle East,  democracy in the Middle East,
Read MoreVisit Website

Of Empires and Citizens: Pro-American Democracy or No Democracy at All

Of Empires and Citizens: Pro-American Democracy or No Democracy at All (Fall 2012, Princeton Univers
Read MoreVisit Website

Citizenship and Crisis: Arab Detroit After 9/11

Citizenship and Crisis: Arab Detroit after 9-11. (Co-authors Wayne Baker, Sally Howell, Ann Lin, And
Read MoreVisit Website

Barriers to Democracy

Barriers to Democracy: The Other Side of Social Capital in Palestine and the Arab World. (Best Book
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Race and Arab Americans Before and After 9/11

Race and Arab Americans after 9-11: From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects(edited with Nadine N
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