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Muslim And Arab Americans and Immigrant Political Incorporation


Race and Arab Americans after 9-11: From Invisible Citizens to Visible Subjects (edited with Nadine Naber), Syracuse University Press, 2008.

Citizenship and Crisis: Arab Detroit after 9-11. (Co-authors Wayne Baker, Sally Howell, Ann Lin, Andrew Shryock, Ron Stockton, and Mark Tessler) Russell Sage, 2009.


Publications: (Journal Articles)

Does Islam Play a Role in anti-Immigrant Sentiment : An Experimental Approach. (with Mat Creighton) Forthcoming at Social Science Research, 2015.
Best paper: the American Sociological Society’s International Migration Section (2016).

Has opposition to Immigration Increased in the US after the Economic Crisis? International Migration Review. (with Mat Creighton) Forthcoming, 2014.

Assimilating to a White Identity: The Case of Arab Americans. (With Kristine Ajrouch)International Migration Review, Fall, 2007.

“The Political Participation and Engagement of Muslim Americans: Mosque Involvement and Group Consciousness,” American Politics ResearchMay, 2005, pages

“Mosques, Collective Identity, and Gender Differences among Arab-American Muslims,” Journal of Middle East Women’s StudiesWinter 2005

*Re-published in Arabic, Cairo: Egypt 2008.

“Muslim Americans, Islam and the “War on Terrorism” at Home and Abroad,” (review article) Middle East JournalWith Sunaina Maira. (Summer, 2005)


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